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By Mike Redman (6/4/2003 issue of the CACI Analyst)

BACKGROUND: During the first week of April 2003, Kazakh authorities detained two members of Hizb-ut-Tahrir in the South of the country for allegedly distributing extremist leaflets, which called for a jihad against the U.S. and UK.
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By Rizwan Zeb (5/21/2003 issue of the CACI Analyst)

BACKGROUND: On April 17, Afghan and Pakistani militia clashed briefly near the border town of Ghulam Khan, south of Khost, where the demarcation of border remains contested. According to Afghan reports, Pakistani militia crossed nearly three miles into Afghanistan and were driven back by Afghan forces, while according to Pakistani reports, U.S.
Wednesday, 21 May 2003


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By Stephen Blank (5/21/2003 issue of the CACI Analyst)

BACKGROUND: NATO’s difficulties are well known and are part of the larger set of issues plaguing the Transatlantic relationship among the allies. Nevertheless, it has consistently evolved since the 1990s into an organization whose main functions are crisis management, collective security, and peace and stability operations. This transformation is abundantly clear in NATO enlargement, the ongoing operations in the former Yugoslavia, and the military reforms taking place at varying speeds within the members’ armed forces.
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By David Darchiashvili (5/21/2003 issue of the CACI Analyst)

BACKGROUND: Georgia has become a focus for U.S. policy in Eurasia not only in terms of spreading the ideals of freedom and democracy, but also in terms of geo-economics and geo-strategy.

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Can Afghanistan Be Part of An Integrated Central Asia?

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