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On 19 May, the second day of his official visit to Tehran, Heidar Aliev met with Iranian religious leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who paid tribute to the historic ties between the two countries but warned against interference in the Caspian by unnamed \"big powers\" which, he claimed, do not want to see conflicts in the region solved. Aliev for his part said that Iran should participate in talks on resolving the Karabakh conflict. On 20 May, Aliev and Khatami signed an accord on the principles and framework of bilateral cooperation; 10 further agreements on cooperation in various spheres were also signed.
Monday, 20 May 2002


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U.S. President George W.
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Thousands of people continued on 20 May to block the main Bishkek-Osh highway near Tash-Komur in Djalalabad Oblast for the seventh consecutive day to protest the ratification by parliament of the 1999 border agreement under which Kyrgyzstan ceded some 95,000 hectares of territory to China, RFE/RL\'s Kyrgyz Service reported. They are also demanding that the criminal case against parliament deputy Azimbek Beknazarov be dropped and that those responsible for the 17-18 March clashes in Aksy between police and demonstrators be punished. Protest meetings also took place in two villages in Aksy Raion, two in other raions of Djalalabad Oblast, and one village in neighboring Osh Oblast.
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Visiting World Trade Organization Director-General Mike Moore said in Yerevan on 20 May after talks with President Kocharian and Prime Minister Andranik Markarian that he is confident Armenia will be admitted to the WTO by the end of this year, RFE/RL\'s Yerevan bureau reported. He said some issues, primarily related to agriculture, still need to be solved. Yerevan has already amended its legislation to bring it into line with WTO regulations.

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